How Consignments Work

Cosigning a car is similar to your consignment store down the street or in town. You take your things you don’t need or want any more down and let the consignment shop sell them for you. Then you get a check for the sale of the item minus the fees the store takes out.

The hassle of selling a car makes consignment an attractive option but not only to avoid the hassle but having a professional sell your car for you will help in getting maximum value for your pride and joy.

So how does vehicle consignment work at Ultra Motorsports?

1. Appraising the Vehicle

Figuring Out What Your Vehicle is Worth

The first thing we do when you bring your car to Ultra Motorsports for a consignment will be appraising the car. The appraisal is our professional opinion on what we think the car could bring in a private party sale.

Some things that we will ask and take into consideration when we take a look at your vehicle:

  • History of the Vehicle
  • Originality / Quality on Paint, Motor, & Interior
  • If the VIN and Engine numbers Match
  • Check out Mileage
  • Assess the Marketability / Desirability

We will discuss your options after an appraisal. You can either Cosign with us, Sell your Vehicle or Trade it in. This all depends on Vehicle Condition and Marketability.

2. Advertising

Marketing Your Vehicle to the Right Audience

So you’ve decided to consign your car with us. The next step will be to market the vehicle. We will photograph your car from every angle possible and write a complete description of the vehicle. Then we will list it on not only our website, but the listing will go out to several popular online car listing websites such as Autotrader and This creates far greater visibility and access to more buyers than just a “For Sale” sign in your window.

3. Pricing

Guidance and Agreement

Ultra Motorsports will offer guidance and advice in pricing depending on how your car appraised and our professional opinion on the market for your vehicle, but ultimately the pricing decision is up to you, the owner of the car. Our fee will be discussed as well when talking about the advertised price for your car. We work with each individual consignment to come to an agreement on service fees and percentage of the final sale.

4. Transaction

We handle the Negotiation, Sale, and Paperwork.

This is the benefit of consignment with Ultra Motorsports, we handle the dirty work for you. Buyers will inquire, come in to physically check out the car and test drives. Once we have a buyer we will negotiate on your behalf to get the most possible out of your vehicle.  Then we will get all the necessary paperwork done to make for a successful and complete sale.

5. Value for the Buyer

Top-Notch Service For The Buyer

Noth only can consignment make for a profitable and speedy sale for the seller, the buyer also receives the customer service that Ultra Motorsports provides with all of their cars for sale. We work with lenders for financing, can provide extra warranties, and provide shipping worldwide if needed. Also, if the vehicle needs anything or the buyer wants something extra, our restoration team can provide just about anything you can dream up.

Here at Ultra Motorsports we try and make the Consignment process simple, easy, and valuable for both the Seller and the buyer. If you think vehicle consignment is for you. Please fill out the form to see if your car qualifies. Or give us a call at 260-969-5666.

Apply for Vehicle Consignment

Ultra Motorsports takes select automotive consignments. Please use the form below to apply for a consignment or call Rich Dolsen directly at 260-969-5666

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