Ultra Motorsports, LLC is located in Fort Wayne, IN and we specialize in the Sales, Service and Restoration of Collectible Vehicles.

What started out as a hobby, has blossomed into a full-service dealership and state of the art service center and brand new restoration center.

Nearly all of our cars are sold online at ultramotors.net or over the phone. It’s very difficult to earn a customer’s trust with just a phone call and some pictures. So we try and arm this with as much information as possible. Whether it’s taking a 100 more pictures if that’s what you want to see or do some live interactive video. You can see the cars being cold started, you can see the cars running and driving down the road, you can see the lights working, you can hear the engine run. So it’s very difficult to earn our customers trust but we think we do a really good job of that.

Collectible vehicles are as popular as every, it seems to be just one of those things that never goes out of style. it’s great to see people recognize these are investment pieces. They can put their money into a car and enjoy it the entire time their investment appreciates. We also work with a variety of lenders. So if your not a cash buyer, our lenders are available to finance and they give our customers conventional loans at conventional rates for a classic car, because they understand these are investment pieces and they’re appreciating constantly.

At Ultra Motorsports we are very excited about our new Service and Restoration Center. We’ll service any make or model but we specialize in the classics. We all know these carburated engines can be a little tricky. There is no computer to just plug in to diagnose a problem. Our Team specializes in this stuff. We will do anything from making sure your vehicle is road ready for the summer to something custom to something you dreamed up in only your head. To performing a safety check on vehicle your interested in purchasing.

Ultimately the end goal is the customer happy and your car is looking great!

Are Dealership is growing rapidly and our goal is simple. To exceed our customer’s expectations in every single way.

At Ultra Motorsports here we are enthusiasts, we are car people. We’ve been on all sides of it, we’ve been buyers, and we’ve been sellers. We understand that buying a car can be stressful, we understand this is a big step for a lot of people.

Visit our website at ultramotors.net or give us a call at 260-969-5666 if you wanna talk cars!

Check out our website for our current inventory of Classic Cars, Our Current Restoration Projects, and other Automotive Services.

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